Baked Chicken Pinaeapple, Khoa Lak, Thailand, by John Hunter

Khao Lak is a huge diving center 6 months of the year and a quite beach 6 months of the year. Khao Lak is the jumping off point to the national park (a series of islands) which is closed from May 1st to Novemeber 1st each year. A good number of the restaraunts close down for the off season but plenty stay open to serve the few tourists that come in off season.

There are many excellent and cheap options to chose from in the small town of Khao Lak where the tourist hotels are consentrated. Lots of great Thai places as well as several european choices. There is at least 1 Indian restaraunt (2011).

I strongly recoment the Dicovery Cafe, where I ate the dish shown above. Honestly, I ordered it because it sounded cool to have it served in a pineapple, which it was. But it was also amazingly good.

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