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Beach, Khao Lak, Thailand, by John Hunter

Khao Lak is a huge diving center 6 months of the year and a quite beach 6 months of the year. Khao Lak is the jumping off point to the national park (a series of islands) which is closed from May 1st to Novemeber 1st each year. In the off season great deals are available and if you go you will find quite beaches. A good numbe of the shops close down for the off season but plenty stay open to serve the few tourists that come in off season.

The area is about an hour and 15 minutes by taxi from Phukett airport. You can brave your negotiating skills with the airport taxi or can arrange to be picked up by Khao Lak taxi service, which is what I did. They were great, I recommend them (the cost was about $50 US). You might be able to get a little better deal with another taxi service located in Khao Lak.

I got a great deal on the Golden Place hotel, a small hotel 100 m from the beach. I recommend it (at least during off season at the discount prices. Free internet, and it was reliable and fast.

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