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A great vegetarian restaurant. Highly recommended, I started eating here 3 times a week after I found it. Wonderful food just off Nimmanahaeminda Road (see map).

Banana Flower Salad - it was wonderful.

The restaurant is a small place with a small staff (it closed down for the day when the chef was sick) and great food.

The restaurant is on the 2nd floor and has nice art and a very nice feel. The only drawback I had is with numerous inconsiderate tourists (in my visits here they happened to be Europeans) talking loudly on their cell phones.

The menu changes weekly. The cost of a meal is about $US 7 (2015).

Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant
hours - Tuesday through Saturday: 11:30 am - 8:30 pm
phone: +66 83 581 1689

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